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Lord Of Ultima: Attacking Strategies

When using the “Send Army” button or the “Command Menu”, several options are presented to the player as to what action should be taken on the coordinates in question.

Actions:Requires Castle:TargetAppropriate Units:
ScoutYesAny CityScouts*
SiegeYesCastleArmy, Rams* and/or Catapults*, Baron**
PlunderYesAny CityArmy
SupportNoAny CityArmy
SettleNoEmpty FieldBaron, etc.
*Can be alone or in an army. **Baron is optional, used if attempting to conquer city
Army refers to any collection of units.
When besieging a castle, any additional units sent from the same city as the original force castle will join the original troops in following siege waves.


Actions:Requires Castle:TargetAppropriate Units:
ScoutYesAny CityScout(s)
Note: Scouts sent with troops for Plunder, Assault, and Siege actions will also conform to the following description.
Basic Tooltip Description:
bq. Only spy on the chosen city with scouts, and only fight defending scouts (or city guards positioned in lookout towers).
This is a Spy vs. Spy scenario. 
Attacker’s Scouts vs. Defender’s Scouts + Defender’s Lookout Towers
If the attacker has enough scouts, then a message will be added to the Reports menu showing an extensive account of the resources of the city as well as a summary of the buildings in that city.
49 Scouts (who were part of an army on a plundering mission) returned the following information:
Resources spied
Note: it appears that scouts can no longer “spy” resources as of October 2010
Buildings spied
BuildingSum of all Levels
Woodcutter’s Hut44
Moonglow Tower3
Trinsic Tower3
Note: Full information was given for 25 building types; the list above was shortened. By omission, it was clear that the defender did not have a castle, harbor, or shipyard. This information could also be gathered by noting that the defender’s city was not located by water and did not have the castle icon in the region map view.
Building Details:
In the Buildings spied report in this example was also a full report of the allocation of these buildings. In particular, when hovering over the value below the spied building, a tooltip pops up and shows the viewer more information.
Woodcutter’s Hut
Woodcutter´s Hut
Sum: 44
2 of Level 3
8 of Level 4
1 of Level 6


Actions:Requires Castle:TargetAppropriate Units:
SiegeYesCastleRam* or Catapult* with Baron
Basic Tooltip Description:
bq: Begin besieging a city with a Castle.
Your troops surround the city and seige attack it hourly unless you withdraw. The goal is to conquer and control the city. This is acheived by your baron claiming 100% power of the city. After 10 AM Eastern Standard time on US servers, and 10 AM Greenwich on European ones, the maximum your baron can gain in each hourly attack is 10%. After 10 PM, that amount reduces until it reaches just 6%. Also, the town enters “night protection”, which increases the target town’s defenses.
Opponent’s city can not trade at this time, but can receive support troops to counter the seige attack. This will aid the town’s morale in addition to build up the city’s defensive strength.
Best to combine this with multiple assults. Also, battering rams can destroy the enemy town’s defenses, allowing your army to do more damage while taking less losses.
Additional Barons do not speed up the conquering effort since the max claim per hour is 10%. However, there is a chance that your baron will die during the siege, even when you have overwhelming forces. That may be a good reason to bring a spare; if the baron dies, the siege goes back down to 0% and you have to send another baron and start over.

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