Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Lord Of Ultima: Advance Warning

There are a few things you need to know before being succesful at war:
1. How to build a good Defence City
2. How to build a good Castle

There, now you can start killing peeps.

Now say you have 2 castles of 200k. If the guy your attacking has 3 castles,for the sake of this their called Castle 1, Castle 2, and Castle 3. And 400k defence. Lets say you want Castle 2. Heres the WRONG thing to do.

Send 400k troops at Castle 2.


He puts his 400k defence in there, defender has walls, he kicks your ass.

Heres the RIGHT way to do it:

Send a fake (2k TS?) Castle 1 and Castle 3 from each castle.

Send real attacks at Castle 2.

So what ends up happening is the enemy has 2 attacks incomming on each city, so he'll put ~130k TS per castle. 2 of the castles you arnt attacking, and your 400k troops overpower his 130k. You win :)

Theres more to it then that, but theres only so much you can explain. Experiance helps more than words :)

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