Selasa, 28 Juni 2011


In Lord of Ultima, game-play primarily revolves around collecting resources to develop cities and armies and then battle against each other for power and prestige.
Players start off with a single city, which is protected from attack for seven days. A player can choose to settle inactive cities or create new cites after the required pre-prerequisites have been met. A player can also build a castle enabling them to conquer other cities with castles, visa versa. It is a common mistake for new players to "castle their first city", resulting in their elimination. Players without castles can raid dungeons (PvE battles) but cannot plunder other players' cities. Joining an alliance is crucial in this game for both protection and economic support.
The objective of the game is to attain the title "Lord of Ultima", which can only be done with the support of an alliance.[1]
Several third party tools are commonly used to support the player. City planning tools help to design a city layout by displaying the potential resource gain per hour. City design is crucial for the player to rank highly on the in-game leaderboards.


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