Selasa, 28 Juni 2011


Lord of Ultima wasn't widely reviewed, but where it was covered, the game fared reasonably well.
According to GameRankings, PC Gamer magazine in the UK gave it a score of 75%, and Game Vortex awarded it 82%.[2]
MMOHut cited the game's positive points as an “original strategy script”, and the fact that “city layouts take thought.” It criticised Lord of Ultima's “slow paced gameplay” and “very weak connection with the Ultima franchise.”[3]
IT Reviews concluded: “Ultimately... this browser-based strategy affair proved rather too slow paced for our liking.” However, the reviewer noted that: “If you're the sort of player who can happily dip in and out of a game very casually, it's worth checking out. There's considerable depth in the town planning, a decent guild system, and after all, it's free to play.” [4]


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